Comprehensive Exams and Limited Exams

Comprehensive Exam

A comprehensive exam is performed on a new patient or an existing patient whom we have not seen for two or more years. A comprehensive exam includes a review of the patient’s medical and dental history, a full-mouth series of digital x-rays (if not recently received from a referring dentist), and a periodontal exam (a complete examination of the mouth) checking occlusion of teeth, mobility of teeth, degree of plaque and calculus present, periodontal pockets and their depth, gum recession, gum inflammation, missing and/or malposed (crooked) teeth, screening for temporal mandibular joint disorder, and an oral cancer screening. Medical consults may be obtained as well to provide the best possible care.

Dr. Brown thoroughly reviews all of the above information, determines your diagnoses and prognosis, and develops an individualized treatment plan. At a subsequent appointment, Dr. Brown’s staff reviews the findings and recommended treatment with you as well as an explanation of the risks of leaving the condition(s) untreated.

Limited Exam

A limited exam focuses on a particular problem the patient may be having. This may be an emergency visit where an assessment and a x-ray will be made to help determine appropriate treatment. The exam may be limited to an area in the mouth where the gum has receded or increased pockets and bone loss has occurred. Treatment options will vary depending on the condition of the tooth or teeth and the treatment option chosen by the patient. Treatment might be performed the same day or an appointment will be made for further treatment. Pain medications and palliative care will be given if treatment must be delayed.

We will notify your dentist of our findings from the above exams and consult with him or her concerning your treatment decisions.

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